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Reference Projects

Any company whose products have been on the market for over 100 years will have helped with and made possible a wealth of exciting and challenging projects. We have set out a small selection of ours here.

Dortmund Soccer Museum

In the heart of Dortmund stands a very special building that has created quite the furor, especially among soccer fans in Germany: the German Soccer Museum. The concept behind the exhibition is primarily experience-oriented. In other words, not only is there exciting information about this hugely popular pitch sport, but there’s also plenty to see. The inspiration for the construction project came therefore from modern museums that eschew the telling of a linear history, choosing instead to fascinate their visitors with cross-media installations. The quality and appeal of the experience are what matters.

This concept brings particular challenges for the architecture and building style. Innovation and quality are key. And this is where Reuss-Seifert came in. Reuss-Seifert is proud to be supporting the new home of German soccer through the use of its many high-quality products. They may not be visible in the finished construction, but they are essential for its structural design. They make a vital contribution to its stability, statics, and permanence.

Prague Sewage Plant

With an investment of EUR 250 million and using around 161,000 m of construction concrete, the City of Prague is building on the Imperial Island in the Vltava River. The central sewage treatment plan is being modernized and expanded. The architects, planners and contractors involved are using spacers and sealing technology from Reuss-Seifert.

The cleaning lines are the core element of any treatment plant. Since the tanks need to be water-tight and permanent, they are nowadays made almost entirely from concrete. These are designed to last many decades without needing any further intervention. Spacers are needed for such constructions that safeguard the stability of the concrete covering before and after the concrete pouring process. Essential: the products used must not impair the suitability for use and permanence of the structural element after the concrete has been poured. The choice of the architects, planners and contractors therefore fell in favor of spacers made from cast and fiber concrete from Reuss-Seifert. They are tested according to the DBV bulletin “Spacers”, are resistant to thermal and chemical stresses, and also offer excellent stability. 

For the sealing, Reuss-Seifert also supplied numerous specialist products such as Duxpa® seam sheets. Thanks to their mineral coating, these create a strong bond with concrete. They can be installed all year round, even in extreme weather - which is a real plus during Prague’s hot summers and icy winters. The treatment plant also uses Duxpa® Bentonite tapes. This expanding tape seals the gaps with contact pressure and securely blocks them off. 

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